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Songs, Chants, and Morning Meetings CD

PHYSICAL COPY - Songs, Chants and Morning Meetings: 55 Ways to Energize and Inspire Your Students CD 

Think about it: can you name the 18th President of the United States?

What about the numbers of bones in the human body?

Or the number of members of Congress? 

Now see if you can complete these: “In fourteen hundred and ninety‐two”…Or how about“plop, plop–fizz, fizz”…Or maybe“Conjunction, junction…” Jingles stick (that’s why advertisers use them).

It’s more enjoyable (and effective) to learn through songs and memorize concepts by singing along.

Let me show you some fun songs, chants and morning meeting ideas that will get you singing and laughing with your child.

A great way to bring joy into learning and ensure your child builds a healthy, hungry curiosity for learning in new ways.