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Songs, Chants and Morning Meetings - PHYSICAL COPY

PHYSICAL COPY - Songs, Chants and Morning Meetings: 55 Ways to Energize and Inspire Your Students 

All teachers need quick and handy tricks to engage their students.

Whether you're dealing with kindergartners or 12th graders, teaching English Language Learners or honors students ‐ songs, chants and morning meetings are awesome tools to involve students in meaningful ways that are sure to produce greater results in your classroom!

“Danny Brassell is fast‐paced, motivating, inspiring and filled with excellent content. Teachers (pre‐K to high school) find themselves laughing, singing and learning in a fun and engaging way.” ‐ Susan Parkins, Special Education Council Alberta Teachers’ Association Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Danny Brassell is engaging and energetic…his information and activities are research-based and applicable across all grade levels and content areas. There is never a dull moment during is workshops. Danny even had the high school coaches engaged and singing along with him on a hot, summer afternoon!” ‐ Marilyn Brown, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Taft, California.