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The Reading Breakthrough E-book

The Reading Breakthrough: The Ultimate System for Helping Children Love Reading (E-book) 

What Is The Reading Breakthrough? 
The Reading Breakthrough is the beginning of a journey to bring joy back into education for children – and adults – alike. You do not need an advanced degree to set you and your child on this path. To succeed, all you must have is a desire and willingness to follow the map this book provides.

You’ll learn how to transform any struggling or reluctant reader into a more passionate and proficient reader, using The Reading Breakthrough. But transformation begins with commitment. And commitment begins with establishing routines. Remember, resolutions fail.

Rituals–routines–succeed. No matter what you do – whether you’re a parent or teacher, an administrator or concerned community member, an older sibling or advanced student – you are always a teacher and a role model. Anybody has the ability to become a better reader – and an avid one. But you need to learn how to make reading a daily ritual, a habit.

The Reading Breakthrough will help you help your child become a more confident and avid reader…

The Reading Breakthrough will show you how to increase your child’s reading with simple, easy-to-implement ideas…

The Reading Breakthrough will teach you how to make reading a life‐long obsession for your child rather than a dreaded chore mandated at school. As Walt Disney once said: 

“There is more treasure found in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”

A wealth of knowledge and enjoyment awaits your child, and this book will guide you to that treasure.